KME Custom Predator PRO Pumper Fire Truck Delivered to Bellingham Fire Department

  • New Fire Apparatus
  • MFD
  • Panther
  • Custom Chassis
  • Red
  • Bellingham
  • Bellingham Fire Department
  • Kenneth Franks

Bellingham Fire Department has recently taken delivery of a customized KME Predator PRO Pumper! 

Members of the department worked closely with Bulldog Sales Representative Ken Franks to develop a vehicle that will serve the needs of the Bellingham community for years to come.  This custom KME 2019 MFD Panther Custom Pumper is loaded with special features:  

2019 KME MFD Panther Custom Cab

10” Raised roof

Seating for 4

Large EMS compartment on the back wall

Cummins L9 450 HP engine

Allison transmission

Class 1 multiplex electrical system

FRC 360* Camera system (four cameras)

LED chassis, scene & warning lights

12v LED Wil-Burt light tower

Waterous 1500 GPM pump

750-gallon water tank

25-gallon foam tank

125 gpm foam system for front bumper

1 ¾” pre-connect in front bumper

Two Amkus Hydraulic tools located in the front bumper

Two hydraulic reels in the front bumper for the Amkus hydraulic tools

Amkus 240 SS hydraulic system with remote control

Storage for 8 SCBA cylinders & 80# of speedy-dry in the fender wells

Onan 15K hydraulic generator

120v cord reel

Ground ladders

Suction hose 

Stokes basket

Lock -N- Load hose bed cover

Congratulations to Bellingham Fire Department!  Thank you for choosing Bulldog Fire Apparatus and KME!  

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