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Fire Service Equipment Group Purchasing

Acquiring fire apparatus holds special challenges. The expense, the delays, the intricacies of procurement, and, above all, the imperative to safeguard mission and personnel – it all adds up to a complex, expensive, and time-consuming process.

This is where the Fire Chiefs Association of Massachusetts (FCAM) group purchasing program, managed by MAPC, comes to the rescue.

This program — the first of its kind in Massachusetts — is FCAM’s answer to a question that has been asked by local officials for decades: “Why can’t fire apparatus be standardized to simplify the purchasing process and lower the cost?” The program does that and more.

By procuring contracts with multiple vendors that are available to the more than 320 member municipalities of FCAM, the potential for sales attracted several high quality manufacturers who sharpened their pencils in offering an array of non-custom features at very competitive prices.

How It Works

Through the FCAM “shop and buy” program, communities just choose the apparatus and manufacturer – MAPC has already negotiated pricing. Fleet managers save tens of thousands of dollars, and have peace of mind that their procurement has been conducted in compliance with relevant law.

Members of FCAM nationwide can browse all our FCAM Contracts, listed below, choose what they need, and purchase directly from the vendor – at a deep discount.

See our fire apparatus and ambulance purchasing brochure here >>

What is FCAM?

FCAM is a membership-based corporation that provides technical assistance and advice to member municipalities and other fire and emergency medical service providers throughout Massachusetts. MAPC acts as the purchasing agent for FCAM and issues all bids and contracts in compliance with M.G.L. c. 30B. Learn more about FCAM on their website.

Is my city or town eligible?

Yes, if your Fire Chief is a member of FCAM then they can contact MAPC or Bulldog Fire Apparatus today. If not, they can read about membership at https://www.mapc.org/our-work/services-for-cities-towns/public-works-collective-purchasing-program/#FCAM  today.

More Information

KME Pumper Engines (expires 12/31/19)

KME Aerial Apparatus (expires 12/31/19)

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