Road Rescue Ambulances

Bulldog Fire Apparatus is the official Road Rescue dealer for Louisiana.

Road Rescue stands out for engineering ambulances that thrive in extreme conditions and excel in life-saving missions. These ambulances leverage decades of experience to showcase unparalleled durability, reliability, and innovative design. The UltraMedic series highlights this dedication to innovation with its ER-inspired ergonomic interiors, prioritizing safety and comfort for patients and operators alike. Constructed with specially designed aluminum body corners and a sturdy ladder frame, complemented by sound-absorbing insulation, they offer a serene environment for care. Every detail, from the sophisticated electrical system to the ergonomic TriMark handles, underlines the commitment to superior functionality and adaptability.

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Bulldog Fire Apparatus is your Road Rescue dealer for Louisiana.

Road Rescue Emergency Vehicles – Seamless Performance. Enlightened Design

Planning for the unexpected sets true leaders apart. Road Rescue ambulances are prepared for anything, so you can make every run with confidence. Discover the complete line of Type 1, Type 3, and Medium-Duty ambulances.

UltraMedic Type I Ambulance

In urgent situations, your team needs a reliable ambulance, no matter where they are. The Road Rescue UltraMedic Type 1 embodies durability and functionality, enhancing your team’s pre-hospital care with superior performance and features. Its unmatched power and reliable design offer confidence and sophistication, setting the standard for excellence. Equip your crew with an UltraMedic Type 1 to ensure they have the best tools to save lives efficiently.

UltraMedic Type III Ambulance

You rely on your team to provide outstanding care before reaching the hospital. Similarly, they can depend on the consistent excellence of Road Rescue UltraMedic Type 3 ambulances. Engineered with precision and designed with ergonomic interiors, these ambulances are built to empower your team, enabling them to tackle the most challenging situations with confidence.

UltraMedic Medium-Duty Ambulance

Your team defines excellence in pre-hospital care. Match their expertise with Road Rescue UltraMedic Medium-Duty ambulances, where safety, ergonomic design, and ER-inspired interiors meet the robust performance of various chassis options. Tailored to meet your specific needs, these durable ambulances provide your crew with everything they need to deliver unparalleled care in any setting.

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Bulldog Fire Apparatus is your Road Rescue dealer for Louisiana.

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