Demers Mercedes Sprinter Ambulance Delivered to Westerly Ambulance

  • New Ambulance
  • Sprinter
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Type II
  • Orange, White
  • Westerly
  • Westerly Ambulance
  • Gigi Lee

Westerly Ambulance in Westerly, Rhode Island recently took delivery of a new Mercedes Sprinter 2500 Demers Type II Ambulance!  These Ambulances are built for the long run, and are one of the most ergonomic ambulances on the market today. 

These Mercedes Sprinter 2500 Demers Type II Ambulances are full of special features!  This ambulance boasts an exclusive aerodynamic roof design, clever cabinetry, maximized payload, and rear vertical oxygen storage.  They also have easy electrical access, increased headroom, and a standard PRAN multiplex electronic management system.   

Westerly Ambulance purchased a Stryker Power Load System, which was installed in the ambulance by Bulldog.  Other special features on the Mercedes Sprinter 2500  Ambulance include all internal and external LED lighting, custom storage solutions, and custom department graphics. 

We wish Westerly Ambulance many years of service from their new Mercedes Sprinter 2500 Demers Type II Ambulance!  A big thank you to Westerly Ambulance for working with Bulldog, we appreciate your continued loyalty and collaboration!  

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