New KME Tuff Truck Delivered to Newbury Fire Department

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Congratulations to Chief Doug Janvrin and the Newbury Fire Department on the delivery of their new KME 100″ Tuff Truck™ Aerial!
The KME Tuff Truck™ is one of the newer aerial models available through KME Fire Apparatus.  Built to navigate around tight city streets the KME Tuff Tuck™ takes maximum driveability to a new level with a narrow cab and body width.  Designed with two sets of H-style stabilizers fully extending to only 12′ allows for positioning and unrivaled performance on an 11-degree slope. By integrating mitered corners, the rear tail swing is reduced by 9” and diminishes the possibility of damage to the rear body. The Tuff Truck has an increased water capacity of up to 650 gallons of water and 240 cubic feet of body capacity for enhanced firefighting capability. 
Read more specifics about Newbury Fire Department’s new KME Tuff Truck below:  
100″ Severe Service LFD Flat Roof
Seating for 6
Painted Cab EMS Compartment
FRC Inview Truesight Wireless Rear Camera System 
Cummins ISX12 500 hp Engine
Allison 4000 EVS Transmission
OS & DS Locker
Amdor Rollup Doors
Harrison PTO/GEN 10kW Generator
FRC Spectra LED Scene Lights
FRC Spectra LED Brow Light
Code 3 Light Package
KME Tuff Truck
103′ 4 Section AerialCat Ladder
94′ Horizontal Reach
50 mph Wind Rating
1/4″ Ice on Entire Structure
-7 Degree to +80 Degree Elevation Range
2.5 to 1 Structural Safety Factor
500 lbs. Dry Tip Load
500 lbs. Wet Tip Load Flowing 1500 GPM
Two (2) Sets of H Style Stabilizers with 12′ Stance
Deep Penetrating Stabilizers, 11 Degree Leveling Capability
Overall Height: 135″ (11′ – 3″)
Overall Length: 459″ (38′-3″)
Wheelbase: 218″       
Bulldog Fire Apparatus appreciates the continued loyalty of the Newbury Fire Department!  Thank you for working with Bulldog Fire Apparatus and KME Fire Apparatus!  
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