New Ford F450 4X4 MXP-170 Demers Ambulance Delivered to South Kingstown RI

  • New Ambulance
  • F-450
  • Ford
  • Type I
  • Blue, White
  • South Kingstown
  • South Kingstown Ambulance
  • Gigi Lee

South Kingstown Ambulance has taken delivery of a Demers MXP-170 Ford F450 4×4 ambulance!  The Demers MXP 170 Ambulance blends versatility with a spacious interior full of exclusive design features. The MXP 170 comes with many different standard design features, such as LED-lighted cabinets, adjustable ALS cabinets, a sliding hidden walk-through door and much more.  Some of the features specific to South Kingstown’s Type I Demers ambulance are:  

  • Custom lettering design for this department
  • Knox Med Vault with Custom Storage solution
  • Kenwood DNX 696S In Dash Navigation  vial Apply Car Play
  • Zone Defense Birdseye 360 Camera
  • Upgraded Inverter to Xantrax 1800

Thank you to South Kingstown Ambulance for working with MXP-170 Demers Ambulance and Bulldog Fire Apparatus!  

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