New Braun Chief XL Liberty Ford F-450 Type I Ambulance Delivered to Methuen Fire Department

  • New Ambulance
  • F-450
  • Ford
  • N/A
  • Black, Red
  • Methuen
  • Methuen Fire Department
  • Linus Murphy, David Rich

Methuen Fire Department has recently taken delivery of a Braun Liberty Type I Chief XL 4×4 Ambulance! 

Built on an Ford F450 chassis, this custom built Braun ambulance is a sturdy workhorse to serve the City of Methuen and the surrounding community for years to come. 

This is the second Ford F-450 Braun Liberty purchased by the Methuen Fire Department. The arched ambulance roof and custom vehicle height is necessary to fit in their central fire station, which also has an arched doorway. The station located at 24 Lowell St is also in a historical district and houses 2 ambulances. 

The Methuen Fire Department was looking for durability and value when they selected Braun Ambulances to replace their fleet of ambulances. Methuen also needed a manufacturer who could provide the customization necessary for the crews to safely get the ambulances in and out of the height restricted doorways of the fire station.

The curbside sliding door allows the ambulance to operate in tight situations both on scene and inside the historic fire house. Other features of the ambulance are, auxiliary AC condenser, painted steel rims, medical locker.

The members of the Methuen Fire Department worked with their Fleet Mechanics to design a vehicle which is purpose built specifically for Methuen and not a cookie cutter ambulance offered by other manufacturers. Using their previous experiences as a starting point, the ambulances in service today are true work trucks without frills.  Congratulations to Chief Tim Sheehy and Methuen Fire Department on their recent acquisition of a new customized Braun Chief XL Ambulance, and thank you for working with Bulldog Fire Apparatus!   


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