KME Panther Flex Pumper Fire Truck Delivered to Newbury Fire Department

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Newbury Fire Department has recently taken delivery of a new KME Custom Panther MFD 100″ Flex Pumper Fire Truck!  

The KME Panther provides every safety feature also found on KME’s premium Predator model. The Panther and the Predator cab structures are designed and tested to be the safest in the fire service.  Utilizing a low contoured driver control module, there is plenty of windshield visibility, and the gauges are placed in the best position for viewing at a glance. Every gauge, switch and control is placed for maximum driver comfort and access without interfering with driver control and safety.  

Newbury’s custom built KME Panther MFD 100″ Fire Truck was designed with the following features:  

  • Cummins L9 Engine
  • Allison 3000 EVS Transmission
  • Waterous CMUC20D Pump
  • UPF 1000 gal poly tank, 30 gal class A foam
  • FRC Spectra Scene Lights & Brow Light
  • Code 3 Xcel Siren
  • Class 1 ES-Key multiplex system
  • Federal Signal Q2B Siren
  • Retrac Heated Mirrors

Bulldog Fire Apparatus provided custom mounting solutions and shelving to house the department’s equipment.  

Congratulations to Chief Doug Janvrin and the Newbury Fire Department on the delivery of their new KME Panther Fire Truck!  Thank you for your continued patronage and loyalty to Bulldog Fire Apparatus and KME Fire Apparatus! 

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