Demers MXP-170 Ford F450 4×4 Type I Ambulance Delivered to Tisbury Fire Department

  • New Ambulance
  • F-450
  • Ford
  • Type I
  • White
  • Tisbury
  • Tisbury Fire Department
  • Gigi Lee

Tisbury Fire Department recently took delivery of a Demers MXP-170 Ford F450 4×4 Type I Ambulance.  This vehicle was built to withstand extreme conditions, from desert heat to icy mountain roads.  Designed for less wear and tear on your chassis while providing ample payload.  

Tisbury’s new Demers MXP-170 was built on a Ford F450 4×4 chassis, and has all LED lighting, dual HVAC ducted diffusion system, and thermoformed, seamless seating.  Demers MXP-170 ambulances also feature innovative cabinetry, aerodynamic roof designs, idle reduction system, standard multiplex electronic management system, and dual compartment door seals.  This ambulance was also outfitted with a Stryker Performance Load, Stryker Power Cot, and several Technimount Brackets for their Monitor, Custom radio installation provided along with other Modifications to meet the department needs.

Congratulations to Chief John Schilling and the entire team at the Tisbury Fire Department! Thank you for working with Bulldog Fire Apparatus and Demers Ambulances!

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