Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Fuel Trucks

FUEL TRUCKS from KME Fire Apparatus

Bulldog Fire & Emergency Apparatus carries the complete line of fuel trucks from KME Fire Apparatus. KME is one of the nation's largest fuel truck suppliers and a true sole-source tank manufacturer. Through KME, we offer fuel trucks, refueling vehicles and specialty transport trucks.

Purpose Built Fuel Trucks

KME's fuel trucks are used in many applications by heating oil companies, construction companies, fire departments, The United States Air Force, the Bureau of Forestry and more. Whether you're looking to deliver petroleum products or aviation fuel, we are able to serve any application. With propane making huge advancements in replacing home heating oil due to the hydraulic fracturing boom, KME is also a leader in building custom propane delivery units.

Serving You for the Lifetime of Your Vehicle

KME offers full service capability for chassis, tanks, pumps, meters and parts. They are also a franchised truck dealer for Ford, Isuzu, GMC and International. Buying a new fuel truck is easy with many leasing and funding options available. Owning and maintaining it is also hassle free with in-stock parts ready to ship the same day. Additionally, KME uses .0313 Bottom, which is the heaviest in the industry as a Standard Bottom of the Tank. They provide a 5 year warranty and confidence standard with over 20 years of quality service.

Industry Experience

Serving customers worldwide, KME has a reputation as being a leader in the fuel truck industry. Some of their more notable clients include The United States Air Force, The United States Navy, the LA County Fire Department and the Orange County Fire Department. Also supporting hundreds of independent home heating oil dealers, KME has the industry experience to continue build and improve on the best fuel trucks available.

Service Close By

If you are in search of a new fuel truck, we would love that chance to speak with you. Bulldog Fire & Emergency Apparatus is a leader in KME's dealer network, focused on serving customers in the New England region. We pay attention to our customers and always listen first. We will ensure you get just the vehicle you are searching for on time and on budget. Throughout the process, we keep an open line of communication and build a strong foundation for a lasting business relationship. Leveraging our exceptional service facility, we will keep you up and running for years to come. We'd love the chance to work with you!

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